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MacKenzi Nelson


Art Director at Helen & Gertrude

I'm an Art Director with a multi-disciplinary background in Graphic Design, Photography, Brand Strategy, and Marketing and able to provide clever social media solutions through a unique vision. I've spent over a decade specifically in social media marketing for the Beverage, Skincare, and Beauty Industry. This includes combining design thinking, research, strategy, and creative direction for amplifying brands on Digital, Meta, TikTok, and more.

As an Art Director and Brand Strategist, I have a background that lends itself well to strategically and creatively aligning brands to opportunities in the digital space. My process involves starting with the research (your community, industry, and competitors), digging deeper into your brand beliefs, values, and purpose, and finding opportunities to that set you apart. I believe branding should live and breathe, change and evolve as a person would adapt to their surroundings, maintaining their integrity of who they are along the way.

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