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Hannah Newman-Pan


I am passionate about communicating with people through both dance and written words. I have worked as a professional dancer and writer in New York City for the last four years, and constantly seek to hone my ability to communicate with audiences through improving my skills technically, artistically, and as a creative collaborator.

As a dancer, I love the collaborative nature of rehearsals, working with my peers to improve and working with choreographers to bring their artistic vision for a work to life. I am committed to contributing to community through my dancing, both the artist community and the wider community of audience members we are seeking to serve.

During my time as a dancer, I have relished opportunities to contribute to organizations' flourishing in an administrative capacity, predominantly through writing and editing. I have served as a Grants and Communications Coordinator and Company Coordinator, roles that demanded excellent time management and organizational skills, communications skills, and writing ability. I have learned to edit my own writing and that of others meticulously, to maximize opportunities for grants and to improve the organizations' public images online and on social media.

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