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About Carbon Connection

Aaron Jack invites you into his Quarantine Art journey as he joins with a community of artists and art lovers across the world to create new emergent forms of expression playing with distance and time -  improvisational, collaborative, layered. Merging visual arts, music, dance, mindfulness and more. Carbon connections forged digitally across physical divides.


Aaron’s recent Quarantine Art collaborations experiment with layering of modalities and experiences, while exploring the interplay between seeming polarities: ~the ephemeral and the documented~the improvisational and the designed~the time-based and non-time based~the performative and the participatory~


Many of the works on display have been created during live musical performances shared via Instagram live. As such, the paintings are imbued with the energetic exchange Aaron the musicians, and the audience; tapping into greater energies of the universe like a tuning fork being struck through the act of joint creation and witnessing in real time.


Each of these group tunings results in an image, a pattern of that moment in time, which is now being shared with you as a non-time based piece of art for you to find your own meaning and your own experience. 


As we find patterns in ourselves, we also may find patterns in our relationships to others.  Sitting quietly and with greater vision of the patterns that we observe, might we understand more of who we are? Who are we if we are not in relationship to the external world and where does the line between “in here” and “out there” begin or end? 


In this exhibit, we are studying this phenomena of group tuning with people across the world and across physical distances. How do we understand and relate to the co-existence of the internal and the external; the individual and the group? How do we create and interpret patterns? How may observation of these patterns reshape us? 


In the multimedia portions of the show, you are invited into the process of creating, as Aaron challenges his own relationship to ink and paper, making the paintings come to life in new ways as building blocks for collaborative expressions and time-based video.

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